Friday, January 4, 2013

Ugly? Stupid? Blame your parents!

Throughout my many years of existence on the surface of this planet, I concluded that genetics and a proper early development contribute to a better and easier life in the future. Beforehand, let’s skip the topic of genetics knowing that it has nothing to do with choice but rather with the wheel of fate.

They failed to make you attractive:

Those thoughts came to me after having a couple of beers with my friend. We were endlessly debating about how alcohol contributes to massive weight gain and that some have 6-packs abs while others struggle to maintain an ideal body weight and whether it was possible to drink and maintain an attractive weight.  Looking at different medical explanations of how some individuals are insulin sensitive, store more fat content due to larger numbers of fat cells and simply bulk up in specific areas, I concluded that ours parents should be blamed for this. Our bodies were conditioned to starve rather than to binge drink and eat. How can parents stuff their children with chips, fries and gravy sauce three times a day? Well, because they don’t have time to prepare anything less caloric, so they end up saving time by preparing processed food.

Ask yourself this question? Have you ever seen a fat animal in the wild? In all of the animal kingdom, I have never seen a fat wolf or a fat tiger, but I have seen overweight house pets. This forces me to conclude that “we humans” are responsible for this. The truth is that if anyone ate non-processed food three to five times a day, the chance of becoming overweight would decrease exponentially. The idea of having a slim male with a six pack hasn’t changed since The Greeks came out of the closet. What we describe as sexy and attractive nowadays has been going on since the beginning of mankind.

You want your kids to be slim and well built? Send them to the swimming pool a couple times a week and allow them to eat as much non-processed food as they wish. Muscles need to grow, but they don’t grow with pizza and hamburgers. Kids are young and they don’t really understand what they are eating yet. Don’t get me wrong, as a kid I loved Coca-Cola and Oreo Crispy Cookies, but this was at an age when discipline was the least of my concerns. Now I have to pay the price with extra cardio and dedication to overcome what my parents failed to do.

My definition of non-processed food: Everything nature has given in its purest form.  Having chocolate once in a while isn’t the end of the world, but it should be controlled in order to escape any forms of regularity. After the child becomes an adult with a proper muscular built and a fast metabolism, the sky is the limit. Nights of binge drinking will be swept away by the inner caloric furnace. On the other hand, starving your kid also limits their development, growth and ability for their body to shape up as they normally would. This is why you sometimes see very skinny girls who appear to be malnourished and believe me when I say that their bodies are far from being attractive. Life is about balance and understanding, the more we mess around with nature, the more we get external results which change us forever. Next time you have kids, feed them proper food without starving them and send them to exercise a couple times a week until they grow big enough to make their own decisions.

Can you tell that this cat spent way too much time with humans?

They failed to make you smart:

This is a very difficult topic, but in order to get smart kids you need to involve yourself intellectually.  My dad used to share his life experiences and things that made others things tick. He taught me many concepts from ways of thinking to historical facts. After a while he kicked me out of the house in order for me to fend for myself.  I left home with a sense of universal understanding rather than uncertainty and fear.

Extracurricular activities are also great ideas for your kids, but make sure you plan for them to attend until the end. Signing your kids up for one semester will just give them an overview of what it would have been like. We all know a certain someone who plays the piano magnificently because his parents took the liberty of signing him up for regular piano lessons when he was young. We don’t all have to learn to play the piano, but most don’t understand that the more you expose your kids for a prolonged period of time, the more skillful and competent they become in the future. Children who often have bilingual parents develop language skills without even trying, but look at the timescale it takes. If you signed up your kid for piano lessons, dancing lessons and singing lessons (once a week) from an earlier age, the results would be astonishing 15 years later. Your kid would literally be a walking gig, tearing apart everyone during karaoke night.

If you neither have the time nor the money to involve yourself, at least try to expose them as regularly as possible. Don’t bother listening to your kids, they don’t know shit. They should be kept quiet and be forced to do what is demanded of them. The worst is that when they grow up, they won’t even appreciate what you have done for them. If you can’t dedicate 5-10 hours for your kids weekly in order to teach them something, you should have worn a condom. In all sanity, don't overdue it like Micheal Jackson's dad who literally robbed his son of his precious childhood.

Talking about demanding fathers, he probably thinks "The Thriller Album" sucked ass!
Emotional values are also quite important, but I think its just a question of balancing what your kid wants to do with what he doesn't. Once in a a while, you should give your kid a break, but don't overdue it. Its funny how Micheal never appreciated how much of a badass he was at dancing and singing thanks to his dad.

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  1. Hehe, but the house pets can get fat because of the no hunting/abundance of food lifestyle. I guess I could still get fat if I had an abundance of healthy food and overeat, yet no need to spent energy to get it. Of course, unprocessed food might certainly be better, but main reason for obesity is lack of hunting lifestyle (that's why we have to go to mindless gym) while abundance of food energy at the same time.

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  3. once you get chubby once, its really easy to get back on that train years later, because the fat cells multiply but only shrink during weight loss. In 1kg of frozen vegetables there are about 300kcal, you would literally have to overdose on greens to gain weight. Thats why, you get mucle and conditioning as a child, and then you would really have to let yourself go to get fat. Each kg of mucle burns kcal in order to remain, its like a passive furnace. Well, its only a theory, but if my parents fed me lean meat, greens and didn't have coca cola on the table during supper time, im pretty sure i would have it easier to maintain my weight nowadays. My parents were just filled with traditional philosophies without really knowing what they were doing, repeating after my grandparents, just because their parents told them so. They had no idea what an adipocyte , the krebs cycle and fast twitch muscles were.