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Video games don't make me stupid, you do!

As a 15 year old kid, there isn't much one can do except going to school, spending time with friends and oversleeping on the weekends. Before I realized that there was such a thing as "girls", I spent most of my days playing video games. I could immerse myself in the experience and entirely forget my troubles, unlike people which often troubled me more than any violent first person shooter ever has. However, people in my entourage always seemed to look down upon video games as if it was some kind of disease which would lead me to loneliness and despair. I never listened to any of them and it seems that I was right. I don't give a shit about what people think; I will keep playing video games until kingdom come.

Most of the time, I hear complaints from old geezers, middle aged folks and women who seem to have so many valid arguments against video games,  yet I haven’t heard a single one which didn't sound like this: "video games are stupid", oh right! like coloring your fingernails is any better. Could it be that you don't accept certain things because you don't understand them? What if I provided your ignorance with some scientific clarity to counteract your shitty arguments? What if i told you, that on top of being awesome, they also increase fluid intelligence.
What is fluid intelligence?

Fluid intelligence or fluid reasoning is the capacity to think logically and solve problems in novel situations, independent of acquired knowledge. It is the ability to analyze novel problems, identify patterns and relationships that underpin these problems and the extrapolation of these using logic. It is necessary for all logical problem solving, e.g., in scientific, mathematical and technical problem solving. Fluid reasoning includes inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning.

Here are a few articles from various websites on the topic including a youtube video proving that video games aren't such a waste of time after all:


The list is endless...really...

Not only has it been proven to increase fluid intelligence, but IQ scores as well. Some tests have even concluded that it might increase thinking speed and reflexes depending on the type of game.

Do only nerds play video games?

My guess is that if you are a social reject, video games are a form of isolation and perhaps even a cure for depression, but overall that’s far from the truth. I am pretty sure that famous football players still enjoy a game of FIFA once in a while, and the amount of chicks they get is indescribable.

Messi playing Playstation. What a fucking loser!

What kind of video games do girls play?

According to all those I have left heart broken, the only video games my ex-girlfriends have ever played weren't very ambitious. These games included Super Mario Bros, The Sims and occasional sport multiplayer with their baby brother. If you compare strategy games, adventure games and stealth games to the likes of these, I am not surprised that their opinion of video games stooped so low. There is no comparing games such as "StarCraft" and "Civilization" to your average platformer. So, bitch please! Get experienced before we debate about vgs okay?

Don't talk about video games, just stick to the foreplay.

What kind of video games do seniors and middle aged adults play?

None! The old generation was raised in very specific conditions whereas we had the liberty to choose our religion, our beliefs and opinions without having institutions controlling what is right and wrong. My dad who claims that alcohol is healthier than marijuana couldn't be further from the truth. There is simply no way to convince him, even if I show up with stacks of medical documentation. His mind is set on the fact that marijuana, video games and polygamic relationships are evil. The worst is that my dad has as much education as a rocket scientist and yet he fails to stay objective.

Do video games make children violent?

Hitler didn't have access to a PlayStation and yet he killed 6 million Jews. Let's face it, humans have always been violent. I think that gang rituals and social inadequacies make children more prone to have a criminal career than an Italian plumber jumping on floating boxes. Kids are inspired by the little things of life; whichever examples crosses their minds are the ones they will follow. If a toddler watches a police movie, sooner or later he will be playing cops and robbers with friends. Only the ones stuck in specific environments end up as hardcore criminals. My belief is that society, upbringing and emotional instability is a larger determining factor than video games.

This guy killed more than you without using a console.

Do video games make you fat?

Are you serious? If you don't have a balanced lifestyle like going to the gym and occasionally dating random girls, you will get fat and ugly. Blaming video games for weight problems is like blaming books for muscle atrophy, it’s just stupid. I play tons of video games and still find 5-6 hours every week to lift some weights and do the bare minimum when it comes to aerobic exercise.
Why complicate the simple?

Do you learn anything from playing video games?

To be honest, I have probably learned more from video games than I have during high school. If your mind gets absorbed by, let's say, a war game. I can bet you that by the end of that game you will know all the weaponry, jargon and campaigns without breaking a sweat. One cannot expect to learn nothing from playing a game which offers so much vocabulary in settings other than your common 21st century metropolitan life. Video games gave me so much, not only from the point of view of words and ideas but also expanded my imagination beyond horizons that I wouldn't have attained otherwise.

Where should I start?

The only way to find a game that’s appropriate for you is to either download the demo version online or try it out for yourself or simply to go on websites such as and check out the reviews. I personally trust Gamespot, because I have found their reviews to be very objective and the fact that fat nerds do them increases their credibility in the matter.

Next time I hear a bitch or an old geezer complaining about video games, I will dickslap them in the face. Get your facts straight! As long as it doesn't stop you from going to work, staying healthy, getting a proper education and being successful in relationships, why stop?

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